Youth Mentoring Program

 July 7th, 2014

The Youth Mentoring Program is a new exciting program designed to utilize the knowledge and experience of technically trained and experienced professional members within AAAEA to help out the young, fresh graduate and student AAAEA members with technical, career, and academic questions they may have. The program is nationwide and initiated by the NAAAEA – National Career Committee so as to spread the resources for other chapters and to make full use of the program and the organization’s power. The following is a quick summary of the program and what it entails:


This program is available to nationwide AAAEA members only. The program allows students, new graduates, or even experienced professionals to inquire about their technical, professional, career, and academic questions or challenges. Mentors will either answer the questions directly through forums or will be directed through email, phone, or even personal meetings if possible, and needed.

Means of Contact with Mentors

Mentees have different methods to communicate and get help from mentors;

Click here to access The Youth Mentor Program Discussion Forum

This is an open forum type discussion in which a student or a AAAEA member will be able to post questions and inquiries that other members may weigh in on. It is important to note that this service will be available for the public to view only but only members can post. This tool is available upon logging into the website and locating it on the Youth Mentoring Program.

Click here to send a private question to a mentor

Mentees are allowed to submit a question using the form above, which will then be replied to as a personal email, using the preferred email address inputted or the email address used for signing in. The mentee’s question will be manually transferred to the appropriate mentors who will contact the mentee through email. The benefit of this method is that the question is private, and no one other than the mentor will be able to view the inquiry.


Members will have the following benefits from the program:

  1. One-on-one contact with Professional Engineers, Architects, and Computer Science and Information Technology Professionals for help
  2. One-on-one contact with other young AAAEA scholars
  3. Open engaged discussion with other members