Latest News from California

In the spirit of partnership, AAAEA-CA hosted a thank you dinner for our sponsors at the Arab American Community Center in Anaheim on January 27, 2017. From our inception as an Association back in November 13, 2008, sponsors/partners in the engineering industry were the corner stone to our success and growth and the success of many of our programs such as the scholarships program. The Executive Board of AAAEA-CA carrying find it befitting to have our partners involved in setting the agenda for the coming year in an informal setting over dinner.
Adel started the meeting by welcoming all the attendees. He had an overview presentation about the State of the Association, from inception until present and the direction moving forward in 2017 with a theme "the meeting of the heart and mind". Adel highlighted the Association many accomplishments in particular the Scholarships Program. In a brief period from 2008-2016, the California Association was able to provide 71 scholarships to needy and well deserving students totaling $62,000. It brings a sense of pride to all of us being able to engage our engineering community and establish credible presence within our Arab Community.
AAAEA-CA Executive Board agreed to be one of the sponsors of a Palestinian Youth Dabke Group from the Dheisheh refugee camp near Bethlehem in Palestine who is touring major US Cities.
All present at this dinner/business meeting volunteered to take the lead and help assisting  the Association in the many events scheduled throughout 2017.

Annual Board Meeting with Members & Sponsors

This is a special invitation to our paid members and sponsors....

Dear Members and Sponsors,
You are invited to attend the AAAEA-CA Board Annual Dinner Meeting to thank them for their continued support and making 2016 a successful year. We also will be discussing and planning this year events and activities.

Date & Time: Friday, January 27, 2017 @ 7 PM
Place: The Arab American Community Center
907 S. Beach Boulevard
Anaheim, CA 92804


1. 2016 a year in review
2. Planning 2017
3. Membership & Participation
4. Engaging students and new graduates
5. Networking Activities
6. Job opportunities
7. Scholarships Program & Sponsorship
8. Open Exchange & New Ideas

Kindly RSVP your attendance for headcount purpose...

The Board looks forward for your participation and support.