Register for EIT Online Classes

Register for EIT Online Classes

4 Responses to "Register for EIT Online Classes"

  1. ali

    Could you please send me information How I can go to EIT online class

  2. milad2005

    My name is Milad
    Does the EIT online course give enough information to pass the exam, or you recommend to study other books to get better chance to pass the exam.

    • Admin Amr

      Hello Milad and thanks for looking at our EIT online course. The videos are very good start, well recorded and by professional Phd’s and Engineers. But just like any course you take outside, they are not enough alone, they are meant to explain topics on the exam. There are sample problems the instructors go over, however, you must use other sample problem books and solve more problems so you can pass. Also, each student has a different level of familiarity with certain topics and the videos might not be cover every single topic. You might have to study theses topics on your own. Each student is different.

      Good luck.

      • milad2005

        could you please let me know what books you recommend to study in addition to the online course, and am I able to buy these books online?

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