This video by Dr. Soliman Khudeira, PhD, PE, SE is an introduction to the Fundamental of Engineering (FE / EIT) License Exam.  The video provides general information, strategies, tips, and other topics, to assist in passing the exam.


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  1. ameerkizawi

    يعطيكن العافية
    في مجال اعرف شو هيه الكتب المطلوبة لدراسة امتحان ال fe civil
    و اذا في كورسات تدريبية لهل الامتحان
    و شكراً سلفاً

    • Admin Amr

      The PE-Civil Exam it is a two days exam:
      The first day is computerized and the second day is by hand (not by computer). For more information and for books, see For live and/or on-line classes, e-mail to, or call them at (630) 682-6035
      I hope this help. Please let us know if you need more information.
      Soliman Khudeira, PhD, PE, SE

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