+Where can I evaluate my Foreign degree ?
Educational Credential Evaluators,Inc.
P.O.Box 514070
Milwaukee,Wisconsin 53203 - 3470 USA

+Why do we need an ethnic professional organization while there are other professional organizations available?

 Having our own professional organization evokes a sense of pride.
 Needs of our membership are different from others.
 Different engineering disciplines have different needs.
 Our members are at a disadvantage since other organizations do not address our specific needs.
 Our ethnic association provides expertise capable of dealing with our members’ special needs such as resume editing, networking, preparing members for business environment,etc.

+Why Non-political Non-religious?

 There are other organizations serving those two purposes.
 AAAEA has a fundamental intention of serving its members in their professional undertaking.
 Excluding these two factors eliminates major sources of conflicting views.

+What’s in it for me? What do I get for a $50 membership?

 Free Seminars and Technical conferences
 Drastically reduced EIT review fees ($100 vs. $800 elsewhere)
 Job announcements, Referral, Career advice
 Platform for networking
 Newsletter
 Website
 Picnics and other family social events
 Activities at substantially low costs

+How is AAAEA funded?

 Membership fees ($50 Members, $10 Students)
 Corporate Sponsorship
 Donations
 Events

+Does AAAEA have full or part-time employees?

 AAAEA is purely based on volunteer work by its members.
 We hire an accountant for Taxes.

+What is AAAEA current membership count?
 AAAEA has about 400 members in ILLINOIS only

+What are some of the advantages in forming AAAEA chapters?

 A local chapter provides its members a forum for getting together,exchanging experiences, educational seminars, career opportunities and networking.
 It helps to maintain our heritage and aids the new generation in developing an identity and pride in their roots.
 It provides a platform for family involvement and social activities.
 It projects a positive image in the local community through participation in cultural and civic affairs.
 It sets an example to the rest of the Arab community, and can lead their generous and humanitarian drives.

+How Do I Apply for an AAAEA Membership?

To apply for AAAEA Membership you need to Select you chapter from the above "Chapter" menu. Then select to Signup, fill up the registration form to get a username and password. Once you get that login and pay your membership based on the membership type. You need to pay for you membership in order to be a full member and access members only content on the website.

If you are in a state where no AAAEA chapter exists you can just email us at aaaea@aaaea.org.

+How can I renew my membership?

Once you login, there is a link to pay or renew your membership. You need to be registered in order to pay/renew. See above question.

+How Can I Register for Online EIT Classes?

Once you login you will see a link yo register and pay for online video classes. EIT classes for now.

+How do I setup my AAAEA Account Address?

We are currently giving @aaaea.org to board and committee members only. If you are one of those please send an email to aaaea@aaaea.org requesting @aaaea.org email address.