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Online EIT/FE Review Course

AAAEA offers online EIT/FE Preparation Videos. The videos were professionally recorded with best sound & picture qualities at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) campus. The classes are designed to help you prepare for the EIT/FE Exam and will concentrate in depth reviews and problem solving of each of the topics listed below.
Cost: $150 Members
$200 Non-members
For more info: Call: (312) 409-8560
Email: education@aaaea.org
Email Copy:  aaaea@aaaea.org
To register: If you are a member you can resigner and pay online for EIT classes at your profile page once you login into your chapter. If you are not a member and would like to watch the online classes, Just Email us at aaaea@aaaea.org your name and we will reply with a sign-up sheet requesting basic information. Once payment is received you will be given access to stream the videos on this website www.aaaea.org


Video Topics: Instructor
Mechanics of Materials I Dr. Khudeira, PE, SE
Mechanics of Materials II  Dr. Khudeira, PE, SE
Mathematics I Dr. Shuaibi
Mathematics II               Dr. Shuaibi
Thermodynamics Mr. Ashraf Al Hayek
Probability & Statistics Dr. Shuaibi
Chemistry                     Dr. Aheda Saber
Statics Mr. Grainawi, PE, SE
Engineering Economics    Mr. Bou-Saab, PE
Computer Science & Mr. Baha Al-Abed
Electrical Engineering    Dr. Elqaq, PE
Dynamics- I Dr. Mahamid, PE
Dynamics- II                   Dr. Mahamid, PE
Fluid Mech. Dr. Mahmoud Issa, PE

Some videos might take 1 minute to start, Please be patient. Also please do not use excessive skipping back and forth, it might overload the streaming. Good luck.


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