The AAAEA-Capital area hosted the first Youth Committee kickoff meeting luncheon on March 11, 2017. The objective was to engage our students in a brainstorming session to establish a youth committee to promote new ideas and better ways of doing business, to reach a broader audience, and to energize our chapter’s efforts. The session grew out of a realization by the Executive Board that, in order for this chapter to be a sustainable organization for years to come, we must engage our young members.

The participants in the kickoff meeting were current active student members in the AAAEA-Capital Area and the Executive Board.

Mr. Mohamad Jamal, our President, started the meeting with a brief summary of the chapter mission, the roles of the Executive Board members, and upcoming chapter events. Then, our students were encouraged to provide ideas as to how we can improve our efforts engaging their generation. The students in attendance welcomed our interest in their views and responded with a number of useful suggestions.

The meeting concluded with actions items and next steps for all participants. We are planning to keep our AAAEA – Capital Area members abreast of our progress in future announcements.

We are thrilled and optimistic that, in the months and years ahead, our student members will bring their enthusiasm and exuberance to our chapter activities.

AAAEA-Capital Area Executive Board





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