The Fifth Generation National AAAEA Website

National IT committee is very pleased to inform you that over the past two month they have been revamping and rebuilding the National AAAEA website and all its chapters under new platform based on WordPress® content management system. The fifth generation web-site has lots of new cutting edge features that encompasses all asso-ciation business and focuses on simplicity, privacy and effectiveness as main goals for our members, our executive board, and any general visitors. There are many ways to get the info only limited by visitor preference. Website also is getting a fresh design overhaul to look more like 2013 website rather than 2000 one.

Features For Members:

Our members are our most important association asset, many features that used to be public will now require member login, such as Job listings, Resumes, Special events, and more. Some of member features:
 New membership registration form with PayPal integration, email receipt confir-mations and automatic membership renewals.
 Ability to comment on all website content such as articles, technical sessions, pic-nics, events, announcements and even comment on photos.
 Social networks integration, so members can share a story or “Like” an article on their Facebook wall, LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube.
 Online Business Directory for members’ companies. So member companies get better exposure to visitors. Visitors can do all kinds of searching, filtering and sorting on business directory listings.
 Online Careers Center, where members can search for jobs by type, category, loca-tion or any other job keyword. Members can also apply for jobs online and receive interview requests right into their registered email.
 Events that keep members informed about upcoming association activities with ability to register for events and add that event to their calendars on computers and smart phones.
 Association news and announcements also keep members informed on the association latest.
 Ability to register and view Online video classes for EIT to prepare the member to take the PE exam from the comfort of their home computer.
 Members can now easily register, and update their info only, pay their dues and subscribe to newsletters.

Features For Students:

On the new website there are dedicated student sections that shows student events, and student activities. there are sections for K-12 students all they way to the engineering student chapters.

For Executive board members:

The new website simplifies and unifies many daily tasks, letting EB members focus more on ways to advance association business rather than facing tedious non-trivial challenges for non-technical persons. Some of the new features include:
 Automatic membership management, member registration and renewals.
 Simplified Events and Announcements creation and removal.
 Simplified pictures and photo album creation and updates.
 Simplified Job, resumes management.
 Many more.

The main great feature that the IT committee is proud of is the platform extensibility and the wide range of adoption in the market. WordPress® has over 180,000 add-ons that should cover every single feature anyone can dream of. Members are always welcome to join the committee or recommend features, the IT committee will be more than happy to look into them and add them as needed. Stay tuned, to the announcement of the new National AAAEA website coming very soon.

Amr Kudssi
National IT Committee

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