AAAEA History

 In the fall of 1996, a group of individuals gathered to discuss the need for an organization to serve the interests of Arab American Engineers and Architects in the Chicagoland area.
 After a year of planning, they convened more than fifty (50) engineers and architects to elect the first board of directors for the newly founded Arab-American Association of Engineers and Architects (AAAEA).
 Shortly after, the organization was registered with the State of Illinois as a non-profit professional organization.
 Today, the organization has over three hundred members. Among the members are Educators, Practicing Engineers, Architects, Computer Scientists, Engineering Company Owners, Partners, and Students.

 On the 11th day of November, 2006, the first organization for Arab engineers, architects and information technology professionals convened for its first national conference.
 The conference was attended by its ambitious members who created a 5-Year Plan, and a steering committee that would help implement this plan was created in September, 2007.
 Five years later, on the 11t” day of November, 2011, the National AAAEA is able to proudly announce its success in seeing through the 5-Year plan to completion.
 It was through the extraordinary efforts of the Chicago chapter and other notable members that the AAAEA across the nation was able to reach every milestone in this process and fulfill the dream of “Going National Together.”

 For the first time, Arab students and professionals in the engineering, architecture, and information technology fields have an organization that maintains and promotes a cohesive community and a national networking system.
 Grand National Convention launched the National AAAEA that was held in-Chicago on 11/11/11.
 It was through the tireless efforts of many dedicated individuals that the National  AAAEA was able to accomplish all of its goals; and we invite you all to celebrate your accomplishments with us.